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Salesforce Email Integration Made Super Easy

Salesforce Email Integration Made Super Easy

Sooner or later, all Salesforce users face a fundamental decision. How should Salesforce work with email? Which platform should be the focal point of the sales process – Sales Cloud or the email system. At Match My Email, we decided to put Salesforce at the center of our workday. Sure, we use email, everyone uses email, but Salesforce is the platform around which we organize our business.

Once we decided to be a Salesforce centric company, our email integration strategy fell into place. We needed a solution that would seamlessly connect our email accounts to our Salesforce accounts. An app that would sync each inbound and outbound email to the right Salesforce record or records in real time. A fully automated solution that would work in background with no human intervention.

Given these specifications, we realized that we were looking for cloud technology. Software plug-ins were too email centric. They bring Salesforce into the email instead of email into Salesforce. Plug-ins come with a lot of performance issues. They slow down Outlook and Gmail – they don’t work with MacMail at all. Plug-ins frequently crash which is an incredibly annoying and disrupts the workflow. They are “on” sporadically; i.e., they only work when the user is working on email. Finally, plug-ins require constant attention. The user is obligated to log in over and over again and manually push emails to Salesforce. With all these drawbacks, we started to look for a cloud app that would not slow down Outlook or Gmail, would never crash, was always ‘on” working in background and would automatically log relevant emails to Salesforce.

We wanted a simple solution that would save time. A solution that would create ‘perfect’ email data in Salesforce. After looking at the apps provided by Salesforce and available on the AppExchange — Salesforce for Outlook, Salesforce for Gmail, Salesforce INBOX, Linkpoint360, Cirrus Insight and iHance/InsideSales (Absolute Automation), — we decided to build our own app. None of the mainstream Salesforce email integration products addressed our needs. They all fell short and were missing something important.

So, in 2011 we started developing Match My Email. Match My Email was cloud technology from the “get go”. Since the app works in the cloud, not on the desktop or in the smart phone, it had no impact on performance. Match My Email is architected so it can’t slow down Salesforce or Outlook / Gmail. It can’t make a PC or MacBook crash or freeze up. It never kicks off a software upgrade at an inconvenient moment. The app is “hands – free”. The user doesn’t have to do anything for it to work; it works in background, computer-to-computer.

Match My Email relieves the end-user of countless hours of manual email syncing. It puts ‘perfect’ email information at the user’s fingertips and allows the user to email – REPLY and FORWARD — from inside Salesforce. It also has a tool for creating new records from email data. Last but not least, the app works with custom Salesforce records.

The best way to see the richness, superior features and ease of use of Match My Email is to schedule a Live Demo by using the scheduling tool on our web site calendar. Your demo request will go directly onto the schedule of our Demo Master.

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