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Match My Email: Automated Email Integration for


Match My Email: Automated Email Integration for is one of the fastest growing tech company in history and has been named Innovator of Year for the third straight year in a row by Forbes Magazine.  Match My Email is a cloud-based email integration service that provides automated email syncing and logging for  Email integration is key to mazimizing SFDC adoption, usage and return on investment.

Match My Email is a leading edge cloud technology that automatically sorts, matches and uploads all incoming and outbound emails to the right SFDC record(s).  Every twenty minutes Match My Email imports a copy of every new email in the end-user’s INBOX and SENT ITEMS and matches the emails to the right records in  Matching is based on a proprietary technology called MultiMatch.  With MultiMatch, each email address in the header is matched to each SFDC record with a corresponding email address field.    That means that all TO:, FROM:, CC: and BCC: email addresses are matched to SFDC creating a 100% complete and accurate email log in SFDC.   No more jumping back and forward between the mailbox and SFDC to figure out the status of a customer interaction in SFDC.   Match My Email will consolidate the email interaction of the entire sales team and display it in the relevant SFDC record whether it is a Lead, Contact, Account, Person Account and/or Opportunity

Match My Emial is reliable, up-to-date and comprehensive.  After setup, it works quietly and incessantly in the background doing all the hard work of email syncing and logging.  With time, sales reps will rely on it to help them do their job more effectively because they can be sure that the all email communications between them and their customers is captured in SFDC and filed in all the right records.

The email data that Match My Email uploads to can be used by sales managment and sales operations to create email activity and exception reports as well as monitor and fix missing and duplicate records in SFDC.

Match My Email only costs $14.95 per user per month.

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