Cloudmark Authority: Unparalleled Anti-Spam Protection - RAE Internet
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Cloudmark Authority: Unparalleled Anti-Spam Protection


Cloudmark Authority: Unparalleled Anti-Spam Protection

Cloudmark Authority offers unparallel anti-spam protecton for email servers and gateways both on-premise and in the cloud.  RAE Interent Inc. has been distributing Cloudmark Authority for Exchange on a stand-alone basis or embedded in Mailspect Defense Standard for more than 5 years.  Happy, repeat customers included value-added resellers, Internet Service Providers, governments, schools and enterprises.  Cloudmark combines affordability with world-class performance.  In combination with Mailspect Defense it offers end-to-end email defense — pre-queue, queue and post-queue — as well as additional functionality such as data loss protection, message routing and tracking, custom word scoring and routing, and global signature management.

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