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Executive Summary


RAE Internet Inc. has been selling and supporting anti-virus and anti-spam software since 2000. The company has 18 years of expertise with email security and defense at the desk top, mail server and email gateway.


In 2011, RAE Internet released its cloud email integration app for Salesforce.com, Match My Email. Match My Email is the #1 app for Salesforce users seeking fully automated email syncing and logging. Match My Email works with over 70+ email systems and providers, including Outlook, MacMail, Gmail, Zimbra, GoDaddy and Rackspace.


RAE Internet owns the Match My Email brand.

More Info


RAE Internet launched Match My Email in 2011 at Cloudforce New York. Match My Email is a cloud technology that was designed from the floor up to provide fully automated email integration for Salesforce.com. It is based on years of experience processing emails and sorting / routing them to the right record in a relational database such as Salesforce.com. RAE Internet has a dedicated team of developers working on Match My Email. Their goal is to develop the best email integration service available for Salesforce.com. Match My Email is evolving rapidly with monthly upgrades based on customer requirements.



Paul Sterne has been the President of RAE Internet Inc. since November 2010. Mr. Sterne is a entrepreneur and angel investor. He was employee #1 and CFO at E2open and raised $190 million for its founding from strategic and financial investors. In 2005, Mr. Sterne rescued a small German company called Netline Internet Service GmbH from near-bankrutpcy and helped it secured its first $20 million of funding. Renamed Open-Xchange AG, the company is a leading provider of groupware software to ISPs and web site hosting companies such as 1&1. With 400 million email seats under management, Open-Xchange is the leading alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Gmail.


In 2010, the Board of RAE Internet Inc. asked Mr. Sterne to step in as President and refocus the company on growth. After one year of market research, Mr. Sterne launched Match My Email at Cloudforce 2011. Prior to E2open, Mr. Sterne ran the global M&A department at IBM Corporation from 1994 to 2000. During his tenure, IBM purchased Lotus Development Corporation. Prior to IBM, Mr. Sterne managed the global software M&A practice at Deutsche Bank AG. Mr. Sterne started his career at the New York Treasurer’s Office of General Motors Corporation in 1979 where he worked on the EDS acquisition.


Serhiy Fyrin has been a Software Developer at RAE Internet since 2005. He has been instrumental in the development of Mailspect Defense and Match My Email products.


Ovidiu Bivolaru was employee #2 at RAE Internet, recruited from Romanian Anti-Virus (RAV) by Michael Katz, RAE Internet’s Founder, after RAV was purchased by Microsoft. Ovidiu leads the global support and operations team as Head of Support and Operations.