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F-PROT AntiVirus for Windows Home users

  • Buy Antivirus Protection for Five Computers for only $29!
  • Protects web, email and file system from viruses
  • Command line virus scanner
  • Windows 7 Virus Protection, XP, Vista
  • Leaders in anti virus Research since 1989

F-PROT AntiVirus for Windows – Enterprise

  • Anti Virus protection for 10 computers – $50!
  • Leaders in Antivirus Research since 1988
  • Fastest Antivirus Protection
  • Email virus protection
  • Web virus and spyware protection
  • $50.00 for 10 Computers

Buy or Renew F-PROT 10 Pack
Buy or Renew More Than 10

F-PROT AntiVirus for Linux Mailservers

  • Real Time Virus Protection for MailServers
  • Linux
  • Sendmail Milter
  • QMail, Postfix
  • Starting at $299 for up to 24 users

F-PROT AntiVirus for Linux FileServers

  • Real Time Scanning via PLCW and Scan Daemon
  • On Demand Virus Protection
  • Integrate with Samba or NFS
  • Real Time Virus Protection via PLCW Libary
  • Daemon Scanner
  • Linux

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F-PROT Anti-Virus Windows 7 Home Edition 

F-PROT Antivirus Fire & Ice, Home Edition, Version 6 is a powerful antivirus program that works with virtually all versions of Windows. Version 6 has been certified as 100% effective in tests conducted by the Virus Bulletin on Windows 7.

Category: Software
Product #: win72011
Price: $29.00
Condition: Brand New!
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