Mailspect Defense and Archive: End-to-End Email Protection and Retention

Mailspect Defense is a message processing platform that provides end-to-end email server and gateway protection.  Mailspect Defense is implemented in sophisticated Linux and MacOS enviroments either behind the firewall or in the cloud.  It features a full functional control panel that enables the email admin to manage all aspects of email security:  anti-virus, anti-spam, real-time black lists, user specificed white […]

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Match My Email: Automated Email Integration for is one of the fastest growing tech company in history and has been named Innovator of Year for the third straight year in a row by Forbes Magazine.  Match My Email is a cloud-based email integration service that provides automated email syncing and logging for  Email integration is key to mazimizing SFDC adoption, usage […]

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Cloudmark Authority: Unparalleled Anti-Spam Protection

Cloudmark Authority offers unparallel anti-spam protecton for email servers and gateways both on-premise and in the cloud.  RAE Interent Inc. has been distributing Cloudmark Authority for Exchange on a stand-alone basis or embedded in Mailspect Defense Standard for more than 5 years.  Happy, repeat customers included value-added resellers, Internet Service Providers, governments, schools and enterprises.  […]

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F-PROT Anti-Virus: Easy to Use, Fast, Light on Resources

F-PROT Anti-Virus has been protecting computers, point-of-sale systems and email servers from malware for 20 years.  F-PROT, which is an OEM component of the most advanced and expensive computer defense platforms on the market, is now available as an affordable stand-alone product through RAE Internet Inc.  Developed in Iceland by Frisk Software International, F-PROT Anti-Virus works on Windows, Linux […]

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F-PROT Antivirus Earns Another VB100 Award

F-PROT Antivirus earned yet another VB100 award in Virus Bulletin’s April 2012 comparative review. F-PROT Antivirus has been a steady participant in the VB100 tests since 1999. F-PROT Antivirus has achieved the award eight out of nine times in the last 16 months. The latest test was run on the popular Windows XP platform. VB100 […]

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Free Open Source Collaboration / Groupware Solution Based on Linux

Zarafa is Europe’s leading collaboration / groupware solution based on Linux.  Its software is available for free based on an Open Source license.  Zarafa is one of the fastest growing  software companies in  Europe, according to Deloitte. Zarafa’s Community edition includes unlimited web access, integrated ‘push’ for mobile devices and three Outlook connectors for free.   The Community Edition is a […]

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A Powerful Email Solution Made of Red Hat, Zarafa and Mailspect

Red Hat, Zarafa and Mailspect Work Together Seamlessly For German Medical Laboratory The medical supply center “Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum Dr. Eberhard & Partner, Dortmund” (“MVZ Dortmund”) serves the health care network near the city of Dortmund in Germany and employs 300 professionals. The laboratory tests medical samples forwarded by doctors, hospitals, clinics and companies. Problem Definition […]

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Complex Mail Routing for German Municipal Utility

A German municipal utility, which was already using Mailspect Basic for email defense, added complex email routing to its solution for no additional license fee.  The email routing extension was implemented in less than one week by a team consisting of the client’s local systems integrator and Mailspect Professional Services. The email routing specification involves […]

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New End-User Interface for Mailspect Antivirus and Antispam Quarantine

Tarrytown, New York, July 11, 2011. Mailspect has released a new version of its popular email filtering software, Mailspect Defense. The new version, Mailspect Manager 1.7.3, includes a re-designed end-user interface for its Message Viewer module for email quarantine. The new interface puts all end-user commands on a single Action Ribbon eliminating the need for […]

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ISP in Hungary Uses Mailspect Defense for Fully Automatic E-Mail Filtering Service

Yellow Cube of Budapest, Hungary offers email filtering services to customers with between 1-25 seats who don’t have their own mail server. According to Akos Bodis, the President of Yellow Cube, “Our customers want a ‘set and forget’ mail filter. We set them up online and they don’t have to deal with spam or viruses […]

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