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The Missing Piece of

We were surprised that didn’t offer good email syncing and logging. Email is the most important way that we communicate with our customers.  We need all our email communications logged into correctly to be effective. We tried other tools on the market, but all of them required too much work. Plus they didn’t create a 100% complete email log.  Our sales and customer service reps want a cloud service that does all the work for them of email syncing and logging to

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We also need a platform independent solution.  Our company has a heterogeneous email environment. Some people use Microsoft PCs or laptops, other have Apple Macbooks, iPads and iPhones, and still others have Android and Blackberry smartphones. The benefit of a cloud solution is that is works with all of these devices because it requires “NO SOFTWARE”, just a username and password.

Match My Email matches and logs every inbound and outbound email to the right records in – whether they are Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Accounts and/or Cases. You will never have to think about email integration with again. The service is ‘set up and forget’, ‘always on’, ’24/7/365′ and works totally in the background.

The Ultimate Efficiency Tool

Match My Email Saves 100 Hours of Manual Labor Per Year

Versus manual tools like Outlook for Salesforce, Linkpoint 360, Cirrus Insight, Gmail for Salesforce, and Maildrop, Match My Email saves the sales rep 25,000 mouse clicks per year.  This equates to 100 hours of manual work.  Match My Email creates the only 100% complete email log in based on its unique MultiMatch technology.

With Match My Email, all your emails – inbound and outgoing – are saved permanently in each review inside Email Messages view. The interface mimics Outlook and Gmail for ease-of-use.

All Your Emails at Your Fingertips

Match My Email Syncs to

You can click on any email and open it. There you will see the Header, Date, Subject, Body and Attachments.

Open the Email and read it in

Email Body in

Click an attachment and it will open so that you can read the detail.  Match My Email can handle large attachments up to 30MB and log by link to

Your Email Attachments at Your Fingertips

pdf Attachments in


Match My Email only costs $14.95 per User per month.  The subscription includes imports from two email accounts.  Additional email imports can be purchased for $7.50 per month.  Match My Email can import and log up to 300 emails and their attachments per day per user before it runs into processing limits.  Match My Email includes a free manual legacy email import feature with every annual subscription that lets each user import up to 360 legacy or old emails per day or 10,800 per month into  Match My Email will help you set up the service and train you and your users for free.

The Only Automated Email Integration App!

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