Cloudmark Server Edition (CSE) is a lightweight anti-spam plug-in for Microsoft Exchange that provides high-accuracy, real-time protection against spam, phishing, and email-borne viruses. With its ease of installation and low maintenance, CSE can reduce help desk calls, mailbox storage costs, and system management requirements.

Cloudmark Server Edition has the highest accuracy of any anti-spam,
anti-phishing, anti-virus filter for Exchange.

Cloudmark Server Edition can run on the same host as Exchange, or on a separate host with a connection to the Exchange host. A single instance of CSE’s Administration Console can control multiple instances of CSE.

System requirements for Cloudmark Server Edition for Microsoft Exchange

Intel Pentium or compatible 733-megahertz (Mhz) or higher processor.
256 megabytes (MB) of RAM, 512 MB recommended.
Operating System
Microsoft Windows Server 2000, 2003, or 2008 (32 or 64 bit) with the latest service packs installed
Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2000, 2003, or 2008 (32 or 64 bit) with the latest service packs installed
Mail Server
Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 with the latest service packs installed
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 with the latest service packs installed
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 with the latest service packs installed
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 with the latest service packs installed
Hard Disk
20 MB of free disk space on the hard disk where you install Cloudmark Server Edition. 200 MB of free disk space on the system drive.


Unbeatable Spam Filtering
CSE uses Advanced Message Fingerprinting algorithms to block over 98% of the spam, phishing, and virus attacks seen on your Exchange Server with near-zero false positives.
Easy to Install
CSE is very easy to install. Your Exchange Administrator can install CSE in less than 10 minutes.
Easy to Administer
CSE starts filtering spam, phishing, and email borne viruses as soon as you install it on your Exchange Server. CSE has no lists or rules to maintain, freeing the IT administrator up for more valuable tasks.
Unmatched Speed and Accuracy
CSE uses Advanced Message Fingerprinting to block spam, phishing, and virus attacks with unmatched speed and accuracy.
Efficient and safe mobile messaging
CSE blocks spam and phishing attacks from reaching mobile devices that utilize Blackberry Enterprise Server and Microsoft ActiveSync.

How Does Cloudmark Work?

Phishing, Virus and Spam Filter for Microsoft Exchange
Cloudmark Server Edition communicates with the Microsoft Exchange Server through Microsoft’s standard Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI). It receives notifications when messages arrive, then checks the messages and performs preconfigured actions on messages that are spam, phishing, or viruses.

  1. Computer Fingerprints
    When new messages arrive, CSE computes a unique “fingerprint” for each one and sends these to Cloudmark for evaluation. During this period, Exchange continues routing messages without interruption.
  2. Verdict
    When Cloudmark receives fingerprints from CSE, it compares them with those of messages already known to be spam or phishing. If a match is found, Cloudmark notifies CSE.
  3. Action
    When spam, phishing or viruses are found, they are automatically tagged or moved to a spam folder. You can configure this spam-filtering action.
  4. End-User Feedback
    End users can contest the status of a message by moving it into or out of the spam folder. CSE reports this feedback to Cloudmark, where it is used to re-evaluate how messages with similar fingerprints are filtered. CSE can re-scan mailboxes periodically to apply the latest end-user feedback.


Some employees have actually called to thank me for reducing their spam load and it’s not very often that users call with positive news. The solution has definitely improved our overall efficiency and productivity, as well as user satisfaction.
Adam Cheal, Senior Network Analyst, City of Richmond

Cloudmark’s next-generation messaging security platform is designed to respond quickly to email-borne threats and variants and can help us ensure that consumers have the best online experience now and in the future.

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